We are a team specializing in modifying watches to create a one of a kind or limited quantity watch just for you where you can be the envy of your friends; and we are located in sunny rainy Malaysia.

For those who just heard Watch Modding for the first time, allow us to explain. Watch modding is a trend or hobby where enthusiasts modify their watches to create a unique and one of a kind look. The most commonly modded watches are of course Seiko s’,  especially the very well known SKX007.

Therefore, what we at JEEP WATCH WORKS do is create that unique and one of a kind watch for you. Many people love the modded look of a watch, but are unable to get one because they can’t find anyone to do it for them. Well, now you have JEEP WATCH WORKS to do all the work for you, and at reasonable prices too.

Examples of modded watches done by Jeep Watch Works.

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